Ion Belt Jeans Brown ( Ikat Pinggang Ion Jeans Coklat )

Rp 1.404.000,00

Manfaat Ion Belt Jeans untuk kesehatan :

1. Mengatasi sakit pinggang

2. Mengurangi lemak disekitar perut

3. Mengatasi gangguan pencernaan


Waist (pain, trouble, desease) has been a common desease now-a-days almost in all places all over the world. Therefore the basic thing is that the people should learn the techniques by which it can be prevented. Waist pain has become one of the very common health problems. Generally elderly are more prone to waist pain but now due to life style of modern times this problem is now also seen in young ones. Waist pain is very troublesome as you are not able to give adequate movements to your body as needed and in some cases one cannot even move at all. Waist pain can occur due to many reasons.

Following can be the main reasons behind waist pain:
1. Slip Disc: There is a cushion or spongy seat type structure between bones of our spinal cord, which is known as disc. This disc expands and contracts as we move forward, backward or sideways, but continuous stress on the disc due to same posture for a long time ruptures the disc and this gives unnecessary pressure on spinal nerves and thus causes waist pain.

2. Obesity: Due to extra fat on waist region there is more pressure on disc which ruptures the disc and which in turn presses spinal nerves resulting in waist pain.

3. Surgery: Any kind of surgery of stomach or backside weakens the muscles of spinal cord, which creates an imbalance in bones of spinal cord. Due to shift in position of bones nerves of any one side get pressed and create waist pain.

4. Pregnancy: Due to pregnancy nerves get weaker due loosening and if delivery is cesarean it gets still more weaker. This results in heavy waist pain in women.

These are the main reasons that cause waist pain. There can be more reasons such as stretching of nerves, rupturing of nerves due to lifting some extra weight, extra exercise etc. Never ignore your waist pain, it can even make you sit forever if you do not take due care if it happens.

1.  Never do an exercise just by hearing for it by somebody or just watching it on TV. It could prove dangerous for your body. Always take the help of a physiotherapist.
2. Never stand or sit in the same posture for a prolonged period.
3. In case of acute waist pain, do not perform any yoga or exercise.
4. Don’t sleep on very hard or very soft bed or pillow.
5. Never pick an object just by bowing down directly, rather first sit on you knees then try picking an object by balancing your body adequately.
In case of acute waist pain, try to avoid pain killers rather give some heat treatment, adequate massage and take due rest to relieve muscles. Apply some nerve relieving medicinal tube/ointment, which can relieve the back muscles.
7. Try to reduce your weight especially near waist and hip region. Meet a physiotherapist to know adequate exercises. Perform yoga under guidance and have at least 2-3 km of morning walk. Do not start dieting all on your own way. Do anything after taking due consultation.